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TG I have chronic lower back problems. Years, of sports, standing on my feet for long hours at work, heavy lifting awkward items. I also ride Cutting horses all summer long, which puts a lot of stress on my lower back. I've always wanted an inversion board and with my chiropractor on maternity leave, I felt this was a great time to try one.

Easy to use, very sturdy, comfortable as well. Only down side is assembling the board. Comes with a lot of parts and a box of nuts, bolts and washers. Did come with a small wrench and allen wrenches. Directions are only visual with pictures. They say to use left and right legs, but to not mark the legs left or right. Guess wrong you'll have to take it apart and start over.

All and All being a woman I was able to assemble this board in 4 hours by myself. Just takes patients.

Once I was done assembling the board. My lower back was tired and sore. I was eager to, try my new board easy to use, was only able to hang for about two minutes all the blood rushing to my head makes it a little uncomfortable, but once I was done my back felt much better. It really works and I am a happy camper. Here's to less chiropractor bills.

All and all a woman can put this together by herself, you'll be happy with the out come. You do not need a top of the line expensive inversion board for good results.


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Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Ch…

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