Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and C…

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Crowman If you have a strong door frame, this thing works exactly as it should. The two down sides are: (1) hard to store if you don't want to keep the bars attached to the door frame (easy on and off, by the way); and, (2) The inversion boots are not that comfortable. They tend to dig in to the flesh at the top of your feet when you hang. (I'm 235 lbs. If you're lighter, it may not be such a big deal.) However, the inversion boots are more comfortable if you wear hiking boots or similar underneath.

If you're under 250 lbs and have a bad back or want to do inverted sit-ups at home, this think works great.

One last caviat, if you can't do at least one pull-up, you probably won't be able to get on and off by yourself. Enjoy!


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Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and C…

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