Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt


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SDR I use this belt for bodybuilding; specifically for squats and dead lifts. I purchased this belt originally because it had some padding on the inside and helped fill the small sway in the middle of my back. When cinched tightly this belt actually helps keep my spine in alignment and has drastically reduced the amount of pressure my lower back was enduring with other types of belts. My suggestion would be to loosen this belt when not lifting as it not made to be worn constantly.

I have used the velcro type of belts as well as the regular leather belts and neither of them offered the same type of protection I feel I receive from this one. I would highly recommend this belt for anyone doing serious lifting and has any sort of dip in their lower back.

I noticed that one of the reviews commented that the belt was made from plastic. This is not true, the belt is made of a very stiff leather and as it used will begin to fit to your particular shape... My Teenage Son uses it two hours every day and really likes it.Very well made !

DPPHIL413 nice belt , comfortable.. Fair price

JC therapist nice belt , comfortable.. Fair price

jc the therapist great for the gym.

ET good


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Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

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