UFC 15 lb. Weighted Vest

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apoforce Comparatively, this vest is a good choice for those on a limited budget. If price is not a concern however, this is a bad choice as 15 lbs. is quite light. Also a decent choice for females, young adults, and beginners.

Clark Kent I ordered the 15lb UFC weighted vest on Wednesday 8/19/15 and received it today in the mail 8/22/15 so the shipping was really fast. That is about the only thing good I have to say about the item. Opened and tried it on was a perfect fit for my muscular frame at 5'11 220lbs. Thing is it is very flemsy and there was already a stitching tear underneath one of the shoulder straps so it leaked.The material it is made out of is cheap, the stitching all around is terrible. Just cheaply made I would not recommend buying this. If you wear more than a 2XL firmly you will not be able to fit this.Going to have it stitched up at the seams because I really don't want to take the time to send it back. I really like the UFC products I have a few pairs of the striking gloves. But this is just a bad item.

Clark Kent Cheaply made, very bad stitching, fits me perfectly without have to readjust anything at a muscular build of 5'11 220lbs. Will not fit anyone wearing 2XL shirts snug to give you a picture of how small it is. Going to have it patched up and stiched because I don't feel like going through the process of packaging and reshipping........just received it today 8/22/15 ordered it from the Calumet City, IL location 8/19/15. Great shipping is the only thing great about the product. I was so geeked about receiving it and getting right into some endurance training and it already is leaking at the shoulder strap. Very disappointing


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UFC 15 lb. Weighted Vest

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