5 Lb. Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights (…

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Jan I workout on regular basis and have used other ankle weights. I have found these weights to be light and most comfortable. However, they get the job done, especially when you follow the workout guide. I can feel difference in my legs when I use them. My hands and arms are rather weak, so I also use them as hand weights when I am doing arm exercises and they work great for me.

VF-G I use these and sometimes the 3lb. for my wrists when I walk. I do maybe two miles per day. The soft part of the weights are best because they do not rub the bones of my ankles. I always have two pairs of socks to prevent blisters. They are a little pricey, and I would not use them everyday, all the time.

Jen I used this product for added leg resistance.


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5 Lb. Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights (…

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