Valor Athletics Back Extension with C…

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Not A trainer Now As a personal trainer and health club manager for over 15 years, I know my equipment. This is almost commercial gym grade. Very nice piece. I had been looking for one for some time. There were only two draw backs. First, the pad settings are a bit high. I am 6'3" , and I have it at the lowest setting. A shorter persaon might have the pad right in their gut. They should have used a bit longer shaft with some more holes drilled lower. Second, the plastic pieces that hold the ankle pads on are very flimsy. They both broke when I was trying to install them. I called the manufacturer and they said they would send me some new ones. I still have not seen them. Overall, I would recommend it, as long as you're not short, and be sure to be extra gentle in putting on the pad holders.

T Smooth order [...] simple to assemble with provided tools, a very solid piece of equipment and worth the price. Thank you!


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Valor Athletics Back Extension with C…

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