Pure Fitness Flat/Incline/Decline Wei…

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Anthony I use the product every other day with free weights and leg attachment for hams and quads. The bench is not built properly- the leg extension is too high and NOT adjustable and the bench is too low and NOT adjustable. As a result leg extensions and curls are painful and not safe. I will have to bolt 2 X 4s to the bench attachment to raise the height to make it safe for leg workouts. Would NOT recommend this product for legs!

deadeye dave the bench arrived on the date specified from the e-mail update.there were no problems from the shipping.there are quite a few parts to this bench and i recomend you use a rachette for assembly.one problem with the instructions is that the parts inventory discription is very small and hard to identify.it took me about 45 minutes to assemble.the support tubing is very wide and gives an impression of sturdiness and its powder coated nicely.the bench pads are very well made and firm.the thing i liked about them was that it was stiched top and bottom not stapled underneath.the leg extention unit works well and the incline bar has multiple settings which is great.this is a very good product and has worked well.

K This bench is lightweight and easy to use. The back slides and locks into the different positions with minimal effort. The back and seat cushions are nice and soft. The leg lift works very well. Very good product. I'm fairly small and it's perfectly stable for me and as many weights as I can put on it. A very large or very tall person might find it too small but I really like the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of floor space. I've had it for a week and am really glad I purchased it. Very good price for what you get.


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Pure Fitness Flat/Incline/Decline Wei…

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