Stamina Suzanne Somers Total Thigh Tr…

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Glider I really like this versatile machine. It is made to affect the lower part of the body, but your heart rate will increase and you will feel better after using it.

There are several exercises for the legs and the impact is low, but effective.

A warm-up and cool down are recommended by the manufacturer and I would

also recommend them. They help eliminate muscle pain and feel very good.

I have several machines and my husband and I use this the most. We can keep it in the family room because of the small size and use it while watching TV. Included is a large heavy paper chart with excellent illustrations and instructions. The machine itself is well-made. It's a little wobbly, but we never feel like we're going to topple over and my husband is 6 ft tall.

Tina This was easily assembled, I did it myself. It is fun to use and I am glad I purchased it.


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Stamina Suzanne Somers Total Thigh Tr…

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