Gorilla Fitness Push up bar – Best me…

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J.Myers I bought these to use on P90X push-up days. They work great and don't slip.

MRH Many similar push up grips are made from plastic. These are made of metal and much more sturdy than any others I have tried. I feel much more comfortable using these grips!

joe serves purpous. using it for p90x. also use it as yoga block.

yt serves purpous. using it for p90x. also use it as yoga block.

Injured Push-uper This product will cause injury. My shoulder is now injured due to this product, even though I properly used this product. Perhaps others have had a good experience, but I wish I would have had this (my honest review) before purchasing this product. I hope my shoulder heals because pushups have been my way of staying in shape. Now, it kills me to do sets of 50, despite the fact I could do sets of 100 before. Good luck, and caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

devin product is made of steel so it is very sturdy unlike most grips, really targets muscles in chest and arms. one bad thing is that your hands will hurt after using alot. if i could, i would rate this product a 4.5 out of 5

Jacob Replacing some older push-up bars, these were about 2" taller than the last ones allowing for deeper push-ups. Easy to put together and durable so far.

The only issue might be the grip. It feels like foam and might trap sweat down the road.

TGG3 Needed some push up bars and these were the only option locally. They do the job. I have no tipping problems doing wide push ups and all in between ranges work as well.

reggiej81 I use the product with my P90X workouts. Great, simple, reliable, well made and gets the job done. Haven't had any problems at all.

sean the metal bars are great but the plastic bases are cheap and too narrow. Wide pushups are problematic. Is it really that hard to make the ones in the P90X videos!?


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Gorilla Fitness Push up bar – Best me…

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