Wearable Workout Arm Weights- Set of…

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berrycoola I really like the body togs, both for the arms and legs. I use the leg ones often as they are comfortable and very easy to conceal. Mine fit perfectly but my only complaint is they got fuzzy from wearing them. I don't know if this is from rubbing up against my pant leg or what but that was somewhat disappointing since I only had them approximately a week at that point. The arm body togs do not fit as perfectly because I have very thin, small arms. I bought the smalls. I don't know if they have XS but if you are thin I would recommend getting an XS or skipping them completely since they don't fit very well and it's so much harder to conceal them .....I would never wear them to work. I sweat and feel uncomfortable in the arm togs, they're itchy (maybe b/c they don't fit properly). I do think the construction of the product was done well. They put a lot of thought in to making them feel/fit comfortable (weight-distribution wise/ergonomically), but the velcro can get itchy if not perfectly strapped together and if you do not pick the correct size for your body. I think in a few years they'll come out with something much better!!! I'm going to keep an eye on this company because they have the right idea, they just haven't mastered it quite yet. They're worth getting though, esp. to add extra resistance while exercising or at work to burn a few extra calories!

namaste1978 My husband is using the arm togs and the leg togs, that's how I know they are a great product. However, I ordered 2 sets of these along with the leg togs and did not receive the arm togs. I am working this out with Overstock.com at this point. Hopefully I will get both of the arms sets (one is a gift) that I ordered. Another note is Overstock.com has the cheapest prices on the internet for either of these body togs.


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Wearable Workout Arm Weights- Set of…

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